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Heidi has been a private teacher for over 25 years and has enjoyed teaching an age rand from 6-60+. Her desire is to pass on her love for this instrument and music to her students, whether they are interested in pursuring the instrument as a profession or desire to take a few lessons for a post-retirement hobby. Regardless of where a student begins musically, Heidi continues to instill a solid foundation of music theory and offers performance experience through recitals or local events.

Purchasing & Renting A Harp

Where do we purchase or rent a harp?

And should we purchase or rent?

The answer to these questions is not nearly as difficult as it may seem. First of all, the decision to purchase versus rent will probably be based upon the immediate commitment, availability of harps in the area, and age of the student. There is a great local option for harp rental or purchasing a lever or pedal harp. Contact Heidi for more details!

What type of harp?

What about pedal harp versus lever harp?

Most beginning students choose to start with a lever harp, however if they are a little older and very serious about continuing harp as a career, a pedal harp might be a wise investment.

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